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About Us

Our journey starts with an idea to revive our traditional attire Kurta-Pajama
With the passage of time Kurta-Pajama became once in a while attire and an isolated article in our wardrobes.
Preserving tradition is a kin to preserving soul of society. If we define Nawabs Wardrobe in three words it will be elegant classical stylish and a high quality of comfort.
We make our clothes with high quality of pure and delicate cotton.
The soothing fabric made of excellent cotton thread and designed with grace, vintage and vogue.
Our collection diversity offers you the splendid designs/colors that shapes your persona and add colors and gaiety and colors to every occasion you wear it. Our collections covers styling need of men ethnic wear and women high quality Chikan-Kari suits.
As we care you, we deliver you at your doorstep.
We have immense collection of men's attire our mission is to thrive our traditional attire a modern trend globally.
Yet we are functioning our women printed cotton wears and kids fashion wears and will soon be updated on website.